Collateral Event Bintaro Design District 2023 @SOUTH78

Under the theme of #EnvisioningNature, VIVERE Group is eager to showcase their vision of an optimistic and sustainable future. The involvement in the Bintaro Design District represents VIVERE’s commitment to innovation, design, and a greener world. Sharing our ideas and connecting with like-minded individuals is our passion for shaping a brighter tomorrow through thoughtful design.

Bintaro Design District was held successfully on 8 – 18 November 2023 at SOUTH78 Gading Serpong. There are 6 Art Installations, 20+ Collaborators, 25+ Design Talks & Workshops, Launching Party, Fashion Show, and Music Performance.

This event is also hosted by our impressive collaborators:
A2J Design, AGo Architects x SukkhaCitta, Bell Living Lab, AGF Binus University, Black on Black x BPA. Institute, Demibumi, Greenie, Ibu Kardus, karuun, KICKYOURBUTT Project, Kugappai, Morrthngs, PakaiLagi, RekaLagam, ROBRIES, Rubysh, Pacific Paint, DBS, Absolute New York and many more.